There’s a little water in the background there. We played one show outside (beautiful and 70 degrees) and the late show inside (like national geographic did an expose on Irish-American culture). We got up to come home and freezing rain turns to snow en route. Pre-season (but we’re almost there!).IMG_1010


Let’s face facts… Soca Jukebox travels with a lot of drums and there is just no escaping the pun “and they really take a beating”. Luckily, we’ve got the right guy on the team to give those battered and bruised shells a whole new make-over.

Check out a little of the process that Dave J used in bringing a fresh face to these old friends. You’re ready for the season now, boys. Beautiful work, Dave! Now, I’ve got a guitar I’d like you to meet.


Emerald Island Rock

March is in like a lion and Soca J is back in the big top and ready with whip and chair for taming. After a short paternity leave for CJ, the band will climb back into the center ring for a few special events in March.images

A private party here and there for our closest friends and super-star clients and a very special ST. Patrick’s Day reprise at Captain Ron’s, Sunrise Beach, Lake of the Ozarks. You’re probably thinking “Caribbean steel band for the Irish new year??”.. sounds like a bunch of blarney.

No Sir (or Madame)! One of the best parties to be found anywhere and the band is a great fit. Namely, we’ll kiss, pinch, drink or shoot anything AND we believe in Leprechauns. We’re also thinking of changing the name of the band to “Soca O’Jukebox”. “May the ground rise to meet ya…”

Welcome Liam Johnston

1016732_10152198248135395_2117846896_n1653479_10152198325660395_1449724910_nAnnouncing a new arrival in the expanding family of Soca Jukebox…

Liam Johnston was born this morning in Kansas City to the proud parents of Clay and Amanda Johnston. Liam will be welcomed home and explained the general routines by older siblings, Wyatt and Ava Johnston (4 yrs).

Congratulations to the whole family. We share in your excitement and can’t wait to get that next generation in our arms (drum sticks in hand and ready to wail!) Welcome to the world, Liam!


In the cold, dark days of winter Soca J seeks the respite of fully heated venues and houses out in the great gaming institutions of the modern age.

It’s way to cold to bury a body in the desert DeNiro style so we feel pretty safe about it.

Hollywood Casino at the Kansas Speedway Jan. 17 and 18 is the venue for the next Caribbean Winter Classic known as “Cosa Nostra” or better yet…

Soca Nostra. See what I did there?

Hey… while you’re here, watch some videos!

Happy Holidays From Soca Jukebox

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 11.57.21 AMThis is the time of year that we at SocaJukebox.Com consider “the Off-Season”. We’ve had a great 2013 and would like to shout THANK YOU to all our fans and clients. Caribbean+Christmas+Party

Can’t wait to have a little down time with our closest family and friends. You know, all the traditional holiday dishes, Jerk Chicken and Pina Coladas really make a season bright.

As our gift to you this Holiday, please enjoy some FREE Soca J music downloads here at the site or via SoundCloud.

Never fear, we’ll be back banging the drum again soon. Until then we leave you in the capable hands of these fine fellows. Feliz Navidad and Happy 2014!

Meet Super Fan Abby Bittman


On a very rare occasion when the Moon aligns with Venus and the ground water temperature is at an exact 78 degrees fahrenheit, a Princess will emerge from her slumber in search of 5 Reggae Knights.

… and it is she that comes to save them.

They laugh, dance, spin and sparkle in the moonlight until dawn when…

She moves to Oregon. Wait… What? We miss you, Abby! Let’s get together (soon) and feel alright, alright?

Soca Jukebox on SoundCloud

Did you know you can enjoy the music of Soca Jukebox on SoundCloud? It’s true. AND… for a limited time you can download your favorite selection from the band’s 2 live recordings, “Live Voodoo” and “Live Voodoo Too”. Not bad, right? You can follow the band there too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Check it out and you’ll have all the Island Rock that we can distribute legally in the contiguous 48.

Live Voodoo Cover - Soca Jukeboxsoundcloud

Happy Thanksgiving from Soca Jukebox

Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.  Let’s all take a day to stuff ourselves FULL, enjoy our loved ones, watch some football or manage a couch, shall we?Thanksgiving-beach

We’ve got a ton of stuff to be grateful for… Extreme confidence, dashing good looks, Bob Marley, beautiful families and friends, a job where you bang on stuff, dedicated fans and we’ve got each other.  Sounds like we’ve got it all.

Thankful to be heading for Cunningham’s Journal in Kearney, NE this weekend!  We’ll bring the Rasta Rock if you’ll save us a piece of that venerable ol’ pumpkin pie!

There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold.